Viking Dog Training

Services & Prices

Whether you have a new puppy, an adult dog with minimal or no training, a rescue dog who is new to the home, or a dog with behavioural issues, I have a training solution that will fit your needs.

Private in-home training sessions

Private dog training sessions are the best way to get customised help for your dog in the comfort of your home. One on one sessions is the fastest way to start seeing the results you're after in your dog.

Contact me or use the booking page to book your first training session. You and your dog will both learn heaps during this session.

During the first session, I will assess your dog and get started with training. After the session, I will recommend and customise any further sessions based on what you and your dog needs the most. 

The first training session is in your home and is about one hour long. You can see available sessions on the booking page.

An individual training session is $90, and there are discounts available if you pay for multiple sessions within one week of the first session. 

My training sessions can help you achieve:

The perfect puppy

Getting your puppy started on the right path from an early age will make your puppy easier to live with sooner, but will also help prevent behaviour issues later on, and set them up to be a confident, well adjusted and well-behaved adult dog.

A well behaved family dog

Make your dog a pleasure to live with and take out in public, with good house manners, great leash manners, and more. I can help you with manners training, obedience training, and solving behavioural issues around the home.

Solving behavioural problems

I can help you with behavioural issues such as not coming when called, over-excitement, being overly distracted and not listening, reactivity, anxiety, aggression, and more. Contact me today or book a session to get started turning your dog into the type of dog you always wanted.

Examples of training

Here are some examples of what a young puppy can learn within a week of starting training. Peppa was a 3.5-month-old lab who stayed with me for one week for training.




Fudge demonstrating self-control around roast chicken after about 10 days of training. Fudge stayed with me for training for 12 days:


Fudge and my own dogs demonstrating good door manners:


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