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Obedience Jumpstarter Program


Do do you have an adolescent or adult dog who was never trained as a puppy and now you've realised he or she *really* needs to be trained? Or have you just adopted a new dog and want to get started with manners and obedience training asap? Do you have issues like pulling on the leash, jumping up, and generally not listening to you?  
AND you want to see a change FAST? This is the program for you!

The Obedience Jumpstarter Program is a 30 day one-on-one in-home training program. This is my most intensive training program, designed to jumpstart your adolescent or adult dog's training. Take control of your out of control dog, in a way that is positive and will make your dog WANT to listen to you.

This program covers both general manners and basic obedience skills - self control, sit and stay, come, leash manners, and more.

Benefits of doing this program with your dog:

In this intensive program, you get:
This program is suitable for adolescent (5 months+) or adult dogs with little or no previous training. If you have a new puppy and you'd like to get started with early training, check out my New Puppy Starter program.
Contact me today to see a profound and fast change in your dog in the next 30 days!

Note - This program is designed to reign in dogs who have had little or no previous training. Changing behaviour takes time. Your dog can improve a LOT in 30 days, but it's not possible to "fully train" a dog in 30 days. Continued training is required to make the change in behaviour a habit for your dog. This is why we do the check in at the end of the 30 days, to come up with a plan for continued training. You can continue to train on your own, or you can sign up for another training program for continued support.


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