Viking Dog Training

Manners & Control

If your dog has issues with general manners and is difficult to control, this is the program for you. Your dog will learn self control and patience in a way that is fun, rewarding, and builds confidence. Your dog will learn to take pride in showing great manners and self control, not just control himself so he doesn't get in trouble.

This program also covers some basic obedience behaviours to make it easier for you to control your dog with verbal instructions alone.

This is a 4 week program where your dog will learn skills that will help him or her to behave in the house, and will make him or her easy for you to control when you need to, be it when visitors arrive, when you put food on the table, or just everyday life.

This program is suitable for dogs 6 months and up, who: 

This training package gives you:

*A dog crate is required for this program. A wire crate is recommended. These can be bought from most pet stores or online. 

**Conditions apply.

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Fudge demonstrating self control around roast chicken:


Door manners with 3 dogs (and a cat for the distraction!):

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