Viking Dog Training

Life Skills Online Class

This class teaches manners and basic obedience, to teach you how to train and be consistent with your dog in every day life, and to teach your dog the skills he or she needs to be a well behaved pet.

This class runs for 6 weeks, where week 1 is the Foundation week. Each week we work on 4 different skills - the recall, loose leash walking, sit and self control, with one lesson per week for each skill. Each skill is broken down into small steps, or "games", and each game has its own video and written lesson each week, showing you how to play the game. Each week also has a Concept Lesson, which is a written lesson with no training required, going in more depth on certain aspects of the training we are doing, or introducing new concepts related to dog training that will help bring everything together.

Equipment needed:

Leash and collar (or harness)
Tug toys
Different types of high value treats


Week 1 - Foundation Week

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

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