Viking Dog Training

Come When Called

Teach your dog to come every time you call and become the most important thing in your dog's life! 


Does your dog run away or ignore you when you call him or her? Do you get the feeling that anything and everything is more interesting for your dog than you when you call him or her? Is your dog spending his whole life on leash with limited freedom because you are afraid to let him play off leash?

I know how frustrating and stressful this can be.

When you work with me, we'll follow a proven plan to fix your dog's recall, make you the most important thing in your dog's life, and get you that solid recall you've always wanted in a dog. Even around distractions.

This is an 8 week one-on-one in-home program where you will be guided through my proven process to make your dog come back to you every time you call. We will teach your dog to come immediately, happily, every single time:
  • you will be able to have your dog off leash in more places, because he will no longer run off and ignore you when you call, meaning you will enjoy taking your dog out more.
  • you will have peace of mind because if your dog gets out or breaks the leash, you know he will come back when you call him.
  • your dog will be much easier to control around the house and out and about, meaning less stress for you and your dog.
  • no more wasted time chasing your dog around the park or beach when you'd really rather be doing something else.
  • in-home training sessions means no travel time for you.
This highly supportive training package gives you:
  • weekly training sessions with me (I come to you)
  • you get 3 new training exercises to work on every week for 8 weeks. This means you get 24 different ways to make your dog brilliant!
  • unlimited email support during the program
  • 3 months email support after the program ends for additional support
  • Bonus: an initial 20 minute kick-off session where we go over your dog's history and discover what - if anything - has been holding your dog back from being the best he can be. (This is added to the first training session, not a separate session)
  • Bonus: discount available when you sign up for any of my other training programs after completing this program. 
The program is suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks and up.

Contact me today to get that fast, responsive boomerang dog you always wanted! 


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