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Here's a review from a previous client, written for Ready for Pets: Viking Dog Training with Marianne

And here's what some of my clients have said about me:

Fudge has only been home 3 days and her behaviour is 100% better then when she went off to training/boarding. I'm still asking Marianne a load of questions - so awesome to have that support. Thank you so much, you will never know what a difference you have made to our household.

Ann-Marie, Clontarf

Marianne has made a huge difference in Mylo's behaviour! Her one-on-one sessions are invaluable. So much learned in every lesson -such an eye-opener!!! Her lessons have meant the difference between keeping or sending Mylo back to his breeder!!! Group sessions are great for a bit of socialisation as well as tips and tricks but Marianne's home one-on-one lessons are tailored to your dog. Thanks so much Marianne!

Johanna, McDowall

It was evident upon first meeting Marianne that she is in the business because of her love of dogs. She was so patient with our boisterous, naughty girl, and our neurotic greyhound even warmed to her, who normally hides from strangers. 
Her tips were practical and her notes thorough, and we feel much more confident now about being able to encourage better behaviour from our pooches! I especially liked that she talked about getting the dogs to want to do it, rather than ordering them to do it, and didn't suggest any heavy handed restraints for our 30kg dog.

Christine, Albany Creek

Rocket LOVES doing sessions with you.  He came home all happy and relaxed today which was wonderful. He has become far more interested in me and playing with me. We've done some impulse training each day and lots of toy play.  He's been far more confident and happy since our session on Friday.
I am so looking forward to our next training session.  I know that Rocket had the best time and now, every time I take his toy, he sits and I say 'Good Boy' and it's play time again.  That is so exciting because he is looking for positive reinforcement from me now and interested in being with me.

Selina, Redcliffe

Ni continues to improve on a daily basis – This past couple of days I have seen a side of him that I thought would never come out – He has been such an obedient relaxed dog that I keep thinking someone has swapped dogs on us when we were sleeping !!!!

Peter, Scarborough

There's plenty of "puppy manuals" that tell you how to train your new pup, things about pack leaders. There's Cesar Milan, there's YouTube. There's so much and it can all become overwhelming when trying to train your puppy. That's what we found, anyway.

 So when we knew we needed a little guidance on the best ways to train our furball, a friend recommend Marianne from Viking Dog Training to us. I'd researched a number of group training sessions, and being that Marianne offers a one-on-one service in your home, I held my breath as I logged on to her website and checked for the cost. I was pretty gobsmacked that a 1 hour behaviour training session would only set me back $90. So affordable. Session booked.

Marianne's session was just as much an eyeopener for myself and the man of the house as it was for our 11 month old puppy. Her style is 100% focused only positive interaction with the dog and about giving you, the owner, the tools to continue training in her absence. I felt that she managed to cover so much with us in one hour and we have genuinely seen a difference in our dog's behaviour since then. She also showed us that training your dog can actually be fun - for you and the dog.

Similarly, I loved that come the end of the session there was no 'hard-sell' for more follow up sessions. It's easy to see that this is Marianne's passion. It isn't just something she's doing for kicks. She is genuinely invested in the training of your dog and the results show.

Lani p. Toowong

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