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Below you will find a list of my dog training services. If you are struggling with something that isn't mentioned below, or you'd like to work on something specific and you're not sure what type of session to book, please contact me and we will work something out.

Manners & Control

This is a 4 week program designed to teach your dog great house manners and deal with issues like excitability, barking and jumping at visitors, stealing food and other items, and make your dog easier to control around the house.

Read more about the Manners & Control program.

30 Day Obedience Jumpstarter Program

An intensive program, designed for dogs older than 5 months with little or no previous training. Take control of your out of control dog, and see results FAST!

Read more about the Obedience Jumpstarter.

Come when Called Program

This program was created as a direct response to the feedback I was getting from clients - you want your dog to come every time you call him or her!

This is a specific program that will teach your dog to control him or herself around distractions and to come when you call - fast, happily, and every time!

Read more about the Come when Called Program.

Leash Walking Success

A result oriented 4 week one-on-one in-home training program that teaches your dog to walk nicely on leash, using my proven methods. The training uses reward based methods that will teach your dog to relax and stay with you on walks.

Read more about Leash Walking Success

Behavioural Breakthrough Program

This program is designed to deal with issues that standard obedience training can't fix, such as barking, separation anxiety, aggression, anxiety and fearfulness, and more.

Read more about the Behavioural Breakthrough program.

New Puppy Starter program

Your puppy is never going to be easier to train than before 5 months of age. Getting started with training early makes puppies easier to live with, improves your relationship, and helps prevent behavioural issues in the future.

Read more about the New Puppy Starer program.

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