Viking Dog Training

Online Classes

Do you want to train your dog, but find that regular classes are held at inconvenient times or too far away? Does your dog have issues with other dogs that makes attending classes difficult? Or do you simply not feel like dealing with other people? If so, you've come to the right place!

With online classes, you have access to class content 24/7, and can do the training when it suits you. Each skill we teach is broken down into small steps. These steps are then turned into "games", where each game takes about 5 minutes. This means you don't need to dedicate a whole hour at a time to training your dog. You can grab 10-15 treats any time of day, do a quick burst of training, and you are done. 

My training is all reward based and force free. We teach dogs with games because training is meant to be fun, for both the owner and the dog. A dog who thinks that sitting and staying or coming when called is fun, is much more likely to

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