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New Puppy Starter

If you've just brought home a new puppy, this is the training program for you! Starting manners and obedience training early will make your puppy easier to live with, more bonded to you, more responsive and focused, and helps prevent behavioural issues later on.

It's much easier to build good habits from the start, than it is to try to fix bad habits when your dog is a hormonal adolescent dog!

The New Puppy Starter is a 4 week in-home one-on-one training program that introduces your puppy to everything he or she needs to know to function as a well-behaved and confident adult dog in human society. 

Puppies are most trainable before 5 months - they will never learn more quickly or accept new things more easily, so take advantage of this amazing time in your puppy's life to set him or her up to be the best dog possible.

This program will teach your puppy:

The program also covers how to deal with all common puppy challenges, such as biting, chewing, housetraining, etc.

Your new puppy can start the program as soon as you bring him or her home, and is suitable for puppies up to 5 months (starting age).

In this program, you get:

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Here are some examples of what a young puppy can achieve within a week or two of starting training:

Self control:

Sitting and staying:

Joyful, excited recalls:

Waiting her turn for treats around other dogs:


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